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Marion Pollack, LPC

Individual, Marriage, & Family Therapy

Marion Pollack, LPC Marion Pollack is recognized for her expertise in individual, couples, group, family, and drug/alcohol counseling. Her many years of experience have enabled her to help countless numbers of individuals learn to cope with the stress of contemporary life. She brings a caring, insightful, reality-based approach to the complicated issues presented by her clients. Marion works together with clients to find solutions, strategies for change, and a deeper understanding of the root causes of problems.

Ms. Pollack attended graduate programs at Columbia University, Northeastern University and the College of New Jersey. She received advanced degrees from Northeastern University and the College of New Jersey in counseling, psychology, and drug/alcohol counseling.

Marion establishes a safe, non-judgmental environment which encourages an honest and forthcoming exchange, leading the client to discover solutions to life's difficult dilemmas.